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Marisa is an innovative artist home based in Atlanta, GA. Her international background and travels inspire and nurture her diverse artwork. She defines herself as an emerging artist despite her many years of experience.

Marisa's life as an artist began at the School of Fine Arts in Uruguay, her homeland, and continued in Argentina,  where she lived for almost twenty years. In the past several years, Marisa has participated in local art contests  and exhibited her work in art galleries in the southeast of the US. Marisa understands the importance of giving back and has contributed with non-profit organizations with her  expertise in Art and design.

Marisa knows Art is an evolving field, so she takes every chance she gets to learn about new techniques and trends in the industry. Her Philosophy is simple: She doesn't think outside the box, she prefers to think there is no box. Art, to Marisa, is a connection between her passion and imagination. She invites you to explore her site and encourages you to visit the different events she participates in. For more information on current and upcoming events, please go to the "Events" section.

For inquiries, please send Marisa a message from the "Contact" page or email her at cerbanart@gmail.com
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